Playlist:Edition for 2018-02-04[Year: 21- Session: 05]

Edition for 2018-02-04[Year: 21- Session: 05]



Mandragora – Dead Souls
Mandragora – Demon Owl
Dracena – Cursed To The Night
Dracena – Elusive Madness
Silverwind – Fight For Glory
Silverwind – Steel Against Steel
Professor Emeritus – Burning Grave
Professor Emeritus – He Will Be Undone
Children Of Technology – Computer World – Black Uniforms C
Children Of Technology – You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give A
Vallendusk – Coronation
Vallendusk – In Reverie
*****Bastardos Do Brasil Nr. 7 – Karyttah *****
Karyttah – New Age
Karyttah – The Other Sides
Karyttah – Never Say Never
*****Bastardos Do Brasil End*******
White Boy And The Average Rat Band – Neon Warriors
White Boy And The Average Rat Band – Maybe I’m A Fool
Sacral Night – When The Coven Is Opening The Pit
Sacral Night – Darkness Process
A Pale December – The Path Of Stars
A Pale December – Arboreal Sanctuary
Anatomia – Fiend
Anatomia – Morbid Hallucination
Kabexnuv – Cold Flame
Kabexnuv – Dzyu Becomes Fohat
Imperious-Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus Part Ii From Hades To Ithaca-Of Casualties And The Further Way
Imperious – Sirens
Ne Obliviscaris – Intra Venus
Ne Obliviscaris – Urn (Part I) – And Within The Void We Are Br…

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