Playlist Session Nr. 50 [29-12-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00)Second Hour (23:00)Third Hour (24:00)
Infamy – Fatal Freedom
Infamy – Day Of Retribution
Legendry – Vindicator
Legendry – The Lost Road
Terminus – Mhira, Tell Me The Nature Of Your Existence
Terminus – Cry Havoc
The Small Hours – Risen From The Grave
In Thousand Lakes – Into The Mirror
—–Especial Mangualde Hardmetal Fest Parte 1—–
Xentrix – Ghostbusters
Xentrix – Interrogate
Praying Mantis – Keep It Alive
Praying Mantis – Gravity
Blitzkrieg – Blitzkrieg
Blitzkrieg – Inferno
+++José Rocha[Mangualde Hradmetal Fest] – Entrevista Parte 1
Iron Void – The Coming Of A King
Iron Void – Lancelot Of The Lake
Karbonsoul – Construction Through Destruction
Karbonsoul – Bleeding Sorrow
—–Especial Mangualde Hardmetal Fest Parte 2—–
Godark – mask of ignorance
Godark – gates of hell
Dark Embrace – Memories
Dark Embrace – Let the Blind to See
Blood – The Summoning
Blood – Impulse To Destroy
+++José Rocha[Mangualde Hradmetal Fest] – Entrevista Parte 2+++
Ancient – Occlude The Gates
Ancient – The Empyrean Sword
Sacred Sin – Gravestone without name
Sacred Sin – The Shades Behind
Infraktor – Son Of A Butcher

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