Playlist: session Nr. 16 [03-05-2020] – Year 23

First Hour (22:00)Second Hour (23:00)Third Hour (24:00)
Skyryder – Midnight Ryder
Skyryder – Mistres Of Darkness
Traveller – Termination Shock
Traveller – Foreverman
Dark Forest – The Midnight Folk
Dark Forest – Way Farer’s Eve
Nerve Saw – Ghosts In Dialogue
Nerve Saw – Empty Heart
Grindpad – Burn The Raptist
Grindpad – The Knife is Sharper Than Ever
Book Of The Dead – The Drachnid
Book Of The Dead – The Offering
Cruz De Ferro – irmãos De Armas
Resonance – Wasteland
Resonance – Shattered Inside
Bloodpalt – Corpse
Bloodpalt – Eradication
Dead End Finland – Closer To Extinction
Dead End Finland – Lifelong Tragedy
Reek – Foaming At The Mouth
Reek – Horror Waltz
Nox Formulae – Eclipse Of Gharrasielh
Nox Formulae – The Black Stone Of Satan
Kvaen – Yee Naaldlooshi
Kvaen – Revenge By Fire
Turia – De Gen Van Lichte
Ripped To Shreds – Eight Immortals Feast
Ripped To Shreds – White Bone Spirit
Black Curse – Crowned In (Floral) Vice
Black Curse – Charnel Rift
Azath – Knight Of Chains
Azath – Through A Warren Of Shadow
Two Face Sinner – God Sun
Two Face Sinner – Satanic Altar
Nekrovault – Pallid Eyes
Nekrovault – Sepulkrator
Solothus – The Gallows Promise

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