Playlist: session Nr. 15 [26-04-2020] – Year 23

First Hour (22:00)Second Hour (23:00)Third Hour (24:00)
Lost Legacy – Enough Is Enough
Lost Legacy – Take Me Away
Ambush – Infidel
Ambush – Leave Them To Die
Lord Of Light – Typhoon
Lord Of Light – Candlelight
Fateful Finality – Fire And Brimstone
Fateful Finality – The Raid
Nachtschatten – Denk Mal
Nachtschatten – Verdamnis
Treurwilg – I
Treurwilg – Shallow Pools Of Grief
Solitary Sabred – Servants Of The Elder Gods
Solitary Sabred – Invoking The Master
+++++Brazil Metal News+++++
Katapult – Siege, Destroy, Annihilated
Katapult – A Fistfull Of Truth
Grave T – Bloody Fountain
Grave T – Blue Whale
Ecnephias – The Dark
Ecnephias – Without Lies
Sortout – Undertou
Sortout – Relentless
Descent Into Maelstorm – The Portal Of The Elsewhere
Descent Into Maelstorm – Saturn
Nexorum – Procession Of The Damned
Nexorum – Great Horned King
Infernal Angels – From The Throne Of Thaumiel
Infernal Angels – The Eternal Fire Of Golachab
Aethyric – Blood Acre
Aethyric – Stellar Flesh
Kvaen – Yee Naaldlooshii
Kvaen – Septem Peccata Mortalia

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