Playlist: session Nr. 09 [01-03-2020] – Year 23

First Hour (22:00)Second Hour (23:00)Third Hour (24:00)
Drunk Motor Rider – Fight For Heavy Metal…Forever! Wave
Drunk Motor Rider – Riding My Bitch In Hell Wave
Lost Legacy – Enough Is Enough
Lost Legacy – My Faith
Shakra – Too Much Is Not Enough
Shakra – A Roll Of The Dice
Collision – A Healthy Dose Of Radiation
Collision – Touch Me Jesus
Maudiir – Product
Maudiir – Abuse The Used
Lifvsleda (swe) – 3_Lifsvleda_Manifest_Cd
Lifvsleda (swe) – 1_Lifvsleda_Manifest_Cd
Heavenwood – Judith Heavenwood
Heavenwood – Moonlight Girl
Heavenwood – Entrevista
The Melancholic Youth Of Jesus – Histrionic
+++++CICATRIZES METALICO [Março] – Ricardo Dias Dos Santos (Heavenwood) Semana # 1+++++
-Metallica – Blackened
-The Sisters Of Mercy – More
-Entombed – Stranger Aeons
++++Especial Lamaecum Metal Fest – 2ª Edição+++++
Theriomorphic – Death Almighty
Theriomorphic – Silent Moon
Theriomorphic – Fire
Theriomorphic – Absent Light
++++Especial Lamaecum Metal Fest – 2ª Edição[FIM] +++++
Sanctvs – Roi omnipotent, Sainteté maléfique
Sanctvs – Dans la pleine obscurité l’on Te devine

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