Playlist: session Nr. 07 [16-02-2020] – Year 23

First Hour (22:00)Second Hour (23:00)Third Hour (24:00)
Brothers Of Metal – Powersnake
Brothers Of Metal – Hel
Serious Black – Solitude Etude
Serious Black – Castiel
Eregion – Jotunheim
Eregion – Ascalon (Siege And Demise)
Anvil – I’m Alive
Anvil – Chemtrails
Death Wolf (swe) – Empower The Flame
Death Wolf (swe) – Edge Of The Wood
Enemynside – Black Mud
Enemynside – Suffered Defeat
BreaKdowN – And The Attack Doesn’t Stop- 2019 remix
BreaKdowN – ‘Till Death (Iron Bonehead Rec.)
++++Especial Lamaecum Metal Fest – 2ª Edição +++++
Diabolical Mental State – The Town
Diabolical Mental State – Home Invasion
Diabolical Mental State – Elements of War
Diabolical Mental State – Dark Days
++++Especial Lamaecum Metal Fest – 2ª Edição[FIM] +++++
Ain t Logic System – Getting Away
Sun Of The Dying – A Cold Unnamed Fear
Sun Of The Dying – When The Morning Came
Inverted Matter – Foreigner
Inverted Matter – Facility
Horrific Demise – Cleansing The Putrescense
Horrific Demise – Suicidal Frenzy
Vastum – Abscess Inside Us
Vastum – I On The Knife Second Wound
Orodruin – War On The World
Orodruin – Voice In The Dark
And Now The Owls Are Smiling – The Hollowness Of Existence
And Now The Owls Are Smiling – The Comforting Grip Of Misery

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