Playlist: session Nº 47 [08-12-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Scum Liquor – Brothers In Crime
Scum Liquor – Nonconformity And Hate
Vhäldemar – Dusty Road
Vhäldemar – My Nightmare
Aphrodite – Hades In The Night
Aphrodite – Pandora’s Box Unleashed
Hot Breath – Slight Air
Hot Breath – Maniac
Moon Chamber – De Temporum Ratione
Moon Chamber – When Stakes Are High
Ascend The Hollow – Vessels
Ascend The Hollow – Mother Of Morality
Wrath Of Echoes – The Last Heir
Wrath Of Echoes – Progeny of the Fallen One
Genocide – Abhorrent Form
xxxxx Cicatrizes Metalicas[Dezembro] – Alfredo Barbosa Semana #2 xxxxx
– Y. G. Malmsteen – Adagio/ Far Beyond the Sun ( Live Leningrado)
– Cacophony- Concerto
– Stevie Ray Vaughan – Scuttle Buttin
Genocide – Blind Hope
Tales Of The Tomb – Faul
Tales Of The Tomb – The Sinful Messiah
Seventh Circle – Dwelling Lucifer
Seventh Circle – Death Mask
Kataplexis – Sanctums
Kataplexis – Putrescent Remains
Xul Ov Kvlten – Destroying The Lamb Instinct
Xul Ov Kvlten – Ascend Pathos Signis Dómini
Vortex – Piste 4
Vortex – Piste 5
Cell – The Wailing Sea Of Emptiness
Cell – All I See Is Them
Nova – In Lotta Elevata
Nova -Noi Mai Vinti
Comando Praetorio – Barbarie Della Pietà

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