Playlist: session Nº 37 [29-09-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
The Rest Of Us Is Dead – Every Day’s Like The Last
The Rest Of Us Is Dead – The Metal We Play
Giant Dwarf – Golden Walrus
Giant Dwarf – Kepler
NoSelf – ratD4GG3R
NoSelf – #RAGE
Vokonis – I Hear The Siren
Vokonis – Antler Queen
Konkhra – Divine Wind
Konkhra – Thoth
Narrenwind – Zadza Czynów
Narrenwind – Ja Piastun
Sacred Sin – Gravestone without name
Destroyers Of All – Tohu Wa-Bohu
+Sebadelhe Metal Fest – Ricardo Novais [Entrevista] Parte 1
Vikingore – Forgotten by the Gods
+Sebadelhe Metal Fest – Ricardo Novais [Entrevista] Parte 2
Toxikull – Satan Bloody Satan
+Sebadelhe Metal Fest – Ricardo Novais [Entrevista] Parte 3
Injector – Stone Prevails
Zurrapa – Putas, Vinho e Rock ‘n’ Roll
Tarantula – Battle Of TheVictory
Tarantula – Sons Of The Flame
+++++Cicatrizes Metálicas[Setembro] – Paulo Barros Semana 4++++
– Queensrÿche – Queen Of The Reich
– Venom – Wellcome To Hell
– Gary Moore – Murder In The Skies
Tarantula – Highway To Glory
Tarantula – The Saga Of Sebastian The King
Consecration – In Somnus Ego Morrior (In My Sleep I Die)

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