Playlist: session Nº 34 [08-09-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Steel Night – Run For Your Life
Steel Night – Spell Witch
Tytus – The Invisible
Tytus – The Storm That Kill Us All
Helvetets Port – Hero Of An Age
Helvetets Port – From Life To Death
Bastard Grave – Translucent Visions
Bastard Grave – Madness Of Creation
Temple Of Dread – Suffocate The Fire
Temple Of Dread – Sentenced To Life
Carnal Tomb – Amid The Graves
Carnal Tomb – Feeding Mold
Barros – My Kingdom For A Day
Barros – My Everything
Cicatrizes Metálicas[Setembro] – Paulo Barros Semana 1
– Black Sabbath – Paranoid
– Deep Purple – Burn
– Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder
Crypt Sermon – Key Of Solomon
Crypt Sermon – Our Reverend S Grave
N.A.S.P. (Not A Side Project) – Wraiths
Gorgonchrist – The Blood Of Endangered Species
Gorgonchrist – Banged In The Face
Formicarius – Within the Depths
Formicarius – Inherit Our Sickness
The Meads Of Asphodel – I’m Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing
The Meads Of Asphodel – I Am Oblivion, Deep Drenched In Forever
A Dream of Poe – In The Wake Of Forgetfulness
Divine Ruin – Flesh Recycler
Fogo Infernal – Os Tempos do Fim
Nematomorphos – Lost Cause
Ruína – Sweet Poison Love
Forest of Shadows – Dogs of Chernobyl

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