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Playlist: session Nº 32 [18-08-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Blood Region – Korpi Metal Riders (From the Ostrobothnian Gates)
Blood Region – Through the Wolfwoods
Midnight Bullet – Into the Fire
Midnight Bullet – Rise
Elusion – My War Within
Elusion – Crystal Doubts
Rifftera – Eye of the Storm
Rifftera – Cutthroat Game
Terrific Verdict – Sleep Paralysis
Terrific Verdict – 07 – Dance Of Death
In Vein – First Chapter
In Vein – Hallucinatory
IN VEIN – Entrevista Parte 1
In Vein – Infinite Night
IN VEIN – Entrevista Parte 2
In Vein – Slaves of God
IN VEIN – Entrevista Parte 3
In Vein – Satan
Men In Metal – Only The Wind
Men In Metal – Dawn Ahead
-Steve Vai – For The Love Of God
-King’s X – Dogman
-Tool – Schism
Wolfhorde – Doctor of the Plague
Wolfhorde – Black Song
Frijgard – Falling Stars
Frijgard – Red Lines Crossed

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