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Playlist: session Nº 30 [04-08-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
The Drippers – Gimme The Shakes
The Drippers – Feldman’s Exit
Forged In Black – Seek No Evil
Forged In Black – Descent Of The Serpent
Pythia – Ancient Soul
Pythia – Black Wings
In Vein – Hallucinatory
In Vein – First Chapter
Final Coil – Scattered Dust
Final Coil – Empty Handed
Beyond Infinity – Lost in Paradise
Beyond Infinity – When our World Collides
– Contralma – Noite Fria
– Contralma – Entrevista
– Contralma – Ainda não é o Fim
Dreams in Fragments – Nightchild
Dreams in Fragments – The Maze
Necromutilator – Putrefaction Rites
Necromutilator – Black Mayhemic Torment
Lords Of Salem – Zombie Monkey Woman
Lords Of Salem – Hell Over Salem
-Motorhead – Turn You Round Again
-Iron Maiden – Cross Eyed Mary
-Raven+Udo – Born To Be Wild
Imprecation – Morbid Crucifixion
Imprecation – Baptized In Satans Blood
Ellende – Die Wege
Ellende – Du Waerst Eine Schoene Leiche
L’acéphale – Runenberg

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