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Playlist: session Nº 24 [23-06-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Kat – Black Night In My Chair
Kat – Poker
Stormhammer – Prevail
Stormhammer – Under The Spell
Stargazery – Puppet On A String
Stargazery – Eye On The Sky
Althea – Deformed To Frame
Althea – One More Time
Desdemonia – Anguish
Desdemonia – Cross The Line
Deep Sun – Heroes
Deep Sun – Worship The Warship
Terror Empire – Death Wish
CICATRIZES METALICAS – Junho-RuiAleaxandre-Mosher-Semana 4
-Warbringer – Living In A Whirlwind
-Decapitated – Spheres Of Madness
-Suicide Silence – You Only Live Once
Terror Empire – Feast of the Wretched
Powersource – My Inner fears
Infrared – One Mouth Two Faces
Infrared – Hate Today, Despise Tomorrow
Numenorean – Horizon
Numenorean – Portrait Of Pieces
Enthroned – Vapula Omega
Enthroned – Aghoria
Tyrmfar – …Of The Legions Of Eternity
Tyrmfar – The Almighty
Body Harvest – Global Decimation
Body Harvest – Hierarchy Of Grief
Depraved Murder – Exterminate
Depraved Murder – Pragmatics Penetrate
Telümehtår – The Grey Wolf
Telümehtår – The Maze Of Existence
Sinnrs – The Storm Of I

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