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Enter the Eclipse

Playlist: session Nº 23 [16-06-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Lower 13 – Swallowed By Light
Lower 13 – The Shining Star
Paragon – Reborn
Paragon – Abattoir
Egonaut – Omens
In Silence – The Worst Liar
Prime Creation – Tears of Rage
Walking Rumor – Do or Die
N.A.S.P. (Not A Side Project) – Clutter
N.A.S.P. (Not A Side Project) – Dimness Ft. Leonel Pacheco
Lefutray – The Wolves
Lefutray – The Mist
Terror Empire – Times of War
CICATRIZES METALICAS – Junho-RuiAleaxandre-Mosher-Semana 3
– Pantera – walk
– Machine Head – Davidian
– Lamb of God – Now Youve Got Something to Die For
Terror Empire – Holy Greed
Infrared – One Mouth Two Faces
Infrared – Hate Today, Despise Tomorrow
Ontborg – Within The Depths Of Oblivion
Ontborg – A Storm Breaks The Silence
Kull – Set Nakt Heh
Kull – A Summoning to War
Embludgeonment – Abysmal Plot
Embludgeonment – Corpse Shed
Body Harvest – Global Decimation
Body Harvest – Hierarchy Of Grief
Vanir – The Final Stand
Vanir – Ironside
Malakhim – In The Rays Of A New Sun
Malakhim – He Who Devours
Hellish Grave – 02 In Nomine Draculae
Hellish Grave – 03 Revenant Awakening
Gorgon (France) – The Veil Of Darkness
Gorgon (France) – Path Of Doom
Tempestarii – Gaian Mind

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