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Playlist: session Nº 20 [26-05-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Black Horizon – Obsession
Black Horizon – Freedom
Stonecast – Goddess Of Rain
Stonecast – The Cherokee
Solitude – Blow
Solitude – Reach For The Sky
Raunchy – Bleeding
Raunchy – Drive
Foul Body Autopsy – Consumed By Decay
Foul Body Autopsy – The Impending Darkness
Bitchhammer – Satanica
Bitchhammer – Fear No Evil
Dim Aura – Towards the Plague
Dim Aura – Black Heretic Hate
CICATRIZES METÁLICAS MAIO[Manuel Joaquimn] – Semana 4
-Exorcist – Black Mass
-Riot- Thundersteel
-Deicide – Sacrifical Suicide
Negative Wall – Hybrid Genus Serpentis
Negative Wall – Mater Saeva Kp22
Booby Trap – Full Of Shit
Booby Trap – Stand Up And Fight
Nihility – Shallow Ataraxia
Nihility – Thus Spoke The Antichrist
Fogo Infernal – Ladrões de almas
Fogo Infernal – Lusitânia obscura
Nefastu – Bélica Neblina
Nefastu – Na Imensidão do Vazio
Martelo Negro – Arcanjo das Sombras
Martelo Negro – Meretriz do Abismo
Black Mold – Bringer of Light
Black Mold – Demon’s Embrace
Murdryck – Vålnad
Murdryck – Blood Sacrifice
Katechon – Ankomst
Katechon – Renselsen

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