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Playlist: Session Nº 17 [05-05-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Helloween – Ride The Sky
Iron Fire – Beyond The Void
Iron Fire – Final Warning
Smoulder – Bastard Steel
Smoulder – The Swordwoman
Zarpa – Corazon De Dragon
Zarpa – La Bestia
Crownaside – Never Alive
Crownaside – Xibalba
Statement – The Hurt
Statement – California Dreaming
Usurper – Beyond The Walls Of Ice
Usurper – Lords Of The Permafrost
*BastardosDoBrasil #22-[05-05-2019]-Uganga
– Uganga – Servus
– Entrevista Manu Joker
– Uganda – 7 Dedos (Seu Fim)
Rotten – Viscera Nebula
Rotten – Umbilical Cord Of The Purulent Planet
Cénotaphe – Au Sépulcre Des Astres
Cénotaphe – Inanité des noirs mensonges
Van Halen – Eruption
*CICATRIZES METÁLICAS – MAIO [Manuel Joaquim] – Semana 1
-Iberia – No Pride
-Alkateya – Face to Face (We Are One!)
-Tarantula – Prelude To Find A Kingdom/Highway To Glory
Metall – Hold The Line
Metall – Beneath My Mind
Katechon – Renselsen
Katechon – Mørkets Hjerte
Bekmork – The Bells Of Klippe Hule (Summon Forth The Mighty Wakon)

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