Playlist: Session Nº 14 [07-04-2019] – Year 22

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Rock Goddess – Are You Ready Rock Goddess – Obsession
The Three Tremors – Invaders From The Sky
The Three Tremors – When The Last Scream Fades
Violentor – Putrid Stench
Violentor – Pray To Die
Dead Head – Pesticide
Dead Head – Saved By Science
Cirith Gorgor – Hellbound
Cirith Gorgor – Sovereign
Suffering Souls – In Synergy Obscene
Suffering Souls – As The Truth Unfolds  
Superbeast – Dead World Superbeast – Bloody Corpse *****Bastardos Do Brasil #21 07-04-2019-Kryour*****
-Kryour – Chaos of my Dream (Live at Nimbus Studios)
-Kryour – Entrevista -Kryour – Restless Silence

Incognita – Say My Name
Grindead – Castaway
Grindead – Turn Black
Prion – Irreversible Ways
Prion – I Remembered to Breathe  
Iberia – Sanctuary of Dreams
Iberia – How I Miss You
-Black Sabbath – The Wizard
-Deep Purple – Child In Time
-Led Zepplin – Celebration Day
-Def Leppard – Let It Go

Iberia – Rising Inferno Departure Chandelier – Life Escaping through the Candle’s Smoke
Departure Chandelier – Forever Faithful to the Emperor
Bekmork – Creed of the Nihilist (Alt Er Ingenting)
Bekmork – Six Daggers, One Axe  

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