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Playlist: edition for 2019-03-10 [Year: 22 – Session: 10]

Edition for 2019-03-10 [Year: 22 – Session: 10]

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Wretch – Destroyer Of Worlds Wretch – Schwarzenberg Powergame – Lucid Dreams Powergame – Puppets On A String Black Mass – Warlust Black Mass – Programmable Life Forms Horseman – A Thousand Wars Horseman – Hunters Nematomorphos – Lost Cause Death Tribe – Neurotic Breakdown Death Tribe – Implode Explode The Temple – Nation On Fire The Temple – Millionaire The Temple – Entrevista[Rui Alex] Parte 1 The Temple – Bankrupt The Temple – Entrevista[Rui Alex] Parte 2 The Temple – Devil’s Lover The Temple – Entrevista[Rui Alex] Parte 3 The Temple – Paper Chains Snow Owl – The Horde Gods Forsaken – Into The Pit We Shall Gather Gods Forsaken – They Crawl *****Cicatrizes Metálicas – Machado(10-03-2019)***** -Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do -Overdose – Street Law -Testament – Over The Wall Third Storm – As The Stars Watched The Birth Of Eternity Third Storm – Through Eyes Of The Omnipresent Ulthar – Cosmovore Ulthar – Cosmovore-Solitarian Godskill – Demon Mother Godskill – The Gatherer Of Fear And Blood

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