Playlist: edition for 2019-01-13 [Year: 22 – Session: 02]

Edition for 2019-01-13 [Year: 22 – Session: 02]

First Hour (22:00)Second Hour (23:00)Third Hour (24:00)
Salems Lott – You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside
Salems Lott – Royal Desperado
Septagon – The Weight Of The World
Septagon – Home, Sweet Hell
Dragony – Angels On Neon Wings
Dragony – Flame Of Tar Valon
L’homme Absurde – The Quiet Room
L’homme Absurde – Moments In Coma
Drawn And Quartered – Procession Of Pain
Drawn And Quartered – Throne Of Desolation
Steam – Let Them Rise
Steam – Do Not Look Back
Jt Ripper – Nightstalker
Jt Ripper – Chaos
Corpsessed – Sortilege
Corpsessed – Endless Plains Of Dust
Obliteration – Tumulus Of Ancient Bones
Obliteration – Cenotaph Obscure
Dungeönhammer – Infernal Moon
Dungeönhammer – Solitudinem Mysteriis
Defy The Curse – Disdain
Defy The Curse – Obsolete
Whoredom Rife – Hyllest
Whoredom Rife – Crown Of Deceit
Sardonic Witchery – Luxuria Total
Cicatrizes Metálicas-King Demogorgon – Sessão Nº 2
-Judas Iscariot – Journey Through Visions Of War
-Burzum – Spell Of Destruction
-Cryfemal – Terribles Disciplinas
Sardonic Witchery – Rawzada Nocturna
Rür – õ
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