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Playlist: edition for 2018-09-09 [Year: 21 – Session: 35]

Edition for 2018-09-09 [Year: 21 – Session: 35]


First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Cruz De Ferro – Defensores
Cruz De Ferro – Guerreiros Do Metal
Forged In Blood – Rebellion, My Name
Forged In Blood – For The Unborn
Razgate – Sweet Poison
Razgate – Welcome Mass Hysteria
Nightmarer – Stahlwald
Nightmarer – Skinner
Alkaloid – Azagthoth
Alkaloid – In Turmoil’s Swirling Reaches
Hautajaisyö – Matkalla Kohti Hautaa
Hautajaisyö – Tunteeton
Battlesword – The Unnamed Magic
Battlesword – Banners Of Destruction
Ash Of Ashes – Flames On The Horizon
Ash Of Ashes – Ash To Ash
Metalwings – Fallen Angel In The Hell
Metalwings – Slaves Of The Night
Overrylled – Pawns Of War
Overrylled – Burning Bridges
Iskald – No Amen
Iskald – The Atrocious Horror
Rotten Sound – Rotten Sound 03 Stressed Mess
Rotten Sound – Rotten Sound 04 Harvester Of Boredom
Grind Zero – Corrosion
Grind Zero – See You In Hell
Project K – Fuck You Christianity
Project K – Salvaçao
Sardonic Witchery – Rawzada Nocturna
Sardonic Witchery – Guerreiro Infernal
Craft – The Cosmic Sphere Falls
Craft – Again
Essenz – Unfolding Death

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