Playlist: edition for 2018-04-29 [Year: 21- Session: 16]

Edition for 2018-04-29 [Year: 21- Session: 16]

Pic: Dico

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Sense Of Fear – Molten Core
Sense Of Fear – Slaughter Of Innocence
Krull – The Witch
Krull – By Steel
Killing Gandhi – The Great Escape
Killing Gandhi – Art Of Silence
Druid Lord – Evil That Haunts This Ground
Druid Lord – Black Candle Seance
Obese – Anthropoid
Obese – Mother Nurture
North Hammer – 02
North Hammer – 03
Dico-Entrevista-2018-Pt I
Moonspell – Desastre (Disaster)
Dico-Entrevista-2018-Pt Ii
Purest Of Pain – Momentum
Purest Of Pain – Crown Of Worms
Widow’s Peak – Debt Collector
Widow’s Peak – Mother Misery
Nate Bohnet – The Sensation Of Falling
Nate Bohnet – Chaotic (Feat Regan Mayer)
Corrosive – Taste The Pain
Corrosive – At The Devils Door
Liturgy Of Desecration – The Lament Of Virgin Mary
Liturgy Of Desecration – Integration Of The Prophecy
Sarinvomit – Perishing In Eternal Void
Sarinvomit – One Trillion Megaton
Hellfire Deathcult – Holocaustic Warfront
Hellfire Deathcult – Satanic Nuclear Devasation
Eternal Torment – Depose
Eternal Torment – Black Blood
Spite (US) – The Shield Of Abraham
Spite (US) – False Magic

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