Playlist: Edition for 2017-04-23 [Year: 20- Session: 15]

Edition for 2017-04-23 [Year: 20- Session: 15]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Excalibur – Europa
Excalibur – Fiesta Motera
Dreaming Dead – Funeral Twilight
Dreaming Dead – No Masters
Temple Of Lies – Dark Energy
The Small Hours – IMMORTAL
Animalesco o Método – compendio subversivo l as vicissitudes de um passado eterno
Animalesco o Método – mortulho b-27-6a
Karseron – At The Gardens Of Moria
Karseron – Evil Forces
CAVEMASTER – A Morte que me leva para o Abismo
CAVEMASTER – Chamas do Inferno
Cavemaster-Lino[INTERVIEW] – Cavemaster-Lino[INTERVIEW]
CAVEMASTER – Fim da Humanidade
Medico Peste – Le Delire De Negation
Medico Peste – Stigmata Martyr
Inferno – Abysmal Cacophony
Maria ja Marsialaiset – Kiertota¨hti
Maria ja Marsialaiset – Huuhkajan silma¨t
Void Inn – I Can Hope
Void Inn – Inside
Cirith Gorgor – Proclamation Of Destruction
Cirith Gorgor – A Vision Of Exalted Lucifer
Mourners Lament – This Storm
Mourners Lament – As Solemn Pain Profaned
Avulsed – Stabwound Orgasm[Live]
Avulsed – Breaking Hymens[Live]
Acherontas – Schism Of Worlds
Acherontas – I-AM Ness – The Tradition Of EYE
Neuntoter – Rot Alive [Demo ’91]
Neuntoter – Emetic Foulness [Demo ’91]
Pyroxene – Cleansed in Fire


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