Playlist: 2019-03-31 [Year: 22 – Session: 13]

Pic :Antiquus Scriptum (Sacerdos Magus) 

Edition for 2019-03-31 [Year: 22 – Session: 13]

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Pulver – Phantom Hawk
Pulver – Kings Under The Sand
Violentor – Burning Rage
Violentor – The Escalation
Aftermath – Scientists And Priest
Aftermath – Fff (FalseFlagFlying)
Countless Goodbyes – Butterfly Effect
Countless Goodbyes – Who We Are
Chalice Of Suffering – Lost Eternally
Chalice Of Suffering – In The Mist Of Once Was
Antiquus Scriptum – Seven Silver Keys (Candlemass)
Antiquus Scriptum – Entrevista Parte I
Antiquus Scriptum – The Mirror’s Magic Sights
Antiquus Scriptum – Entrevista Parte Ii
Antiquus Scriptum – ? Lágrymas & Negra Philosophia, No Meu Phantasmagórico Labyrintho Theatral?
Antiquus Scriptum – Entrevista Parte Iii
Antiquus Scriptum – A Luz Azul (Rádio Macau)

Kaamos Warriors – Talventuoja
Kaamos Warriors – Winter Eternal

*****Cicatrizes Metálicas – Machado(31-03-2019)*****
-Anthrax – Safe Home
-Biolence – Unholy Descendants Of War
-Moonspell – Trebaruna

Fetal Bleeding – Consuming Human Flesh Malediction (feat. Aditya)
Fetal Bleeding – Salvation By Death
Heretic Legion – Bloodbringer
Heretic Legion – Crushing Depth
Urza – Path Of Tombs

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