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Playlist: 2019-03-24 [Year: 22 – Session: 12]

Edition for 2019-03-24 [Year: 22 – Session: 12]

First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Lords Of Salem – Zombie Monkey Woman Lords Of Salem – Hell Over Salem Beneath The Hollow – Our Own Hell Beneath The Hollow – Nihilist Cerberon – Operation Eisenfaust Cerberon – The Monster Almøst Human – Warpigs Almøst Human – Naked Now Wolf Counsel – Mother Of All Plagues Wolf Counsel – Nova Diabol Boruta – Zaklecie Diabol Boruta – Czary ****Cicatrizes Metálicas – Machado(24-03-2019)**** -Type 0 Negative – Black-Nº1 -Heavenwood – Emotional Wound -Paradise Lost – As I Die Blind The Eye – Iron Fist Or Helping Hand Blind The Eye – In Silence The Terror Has Grown Undeath – Ineffable Tumult Undeath – Perverted Self Reflections Faceless Burial – Theriomorphic Meconium Aspiration Faceless Burial – Piteous Sepulchre (of Amentia) Ectovoid – Internal Inversion s Ectovoid – Archaic Memories Unearthed Noctambulist – Abnegation Noctambulist – Atmospheres Of Desolation Infernarium – Herra Kädelläsi Infernarium – Amen Armageddon Internal Chronicles – A Beautiful Day To Die Internal Chronicles – You Are Wulkanaz – Stiärnväv Wulkanaz – Gryningsgrå Misanthropic Might – Those Who Judge Misanthropic Might – Insidious Games Misotheist – Beast And Soil

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