Playlist: 2017-09-10 [Year: 20- Session: 35]

Edition for 2017-09-10 [Year: 20- Session: 35]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)


Coven (Japan) – Wings Of Glory
Coven (Japan) – Brave Warriors
Zornheym – A Silent God
Zornheym – Trifecta Of Horrors
Necromante – Secret Eye
Necromante – 03 Nekrokosmick Pentagram
Web – Leaving Scars

Fatal – Eternal Torment
Fatal – Guts For Dinner
Purtenance – Vicious Seeds Of Mortality
Purtenance – In The End Only Death Will Remain
Horrified (UK) – Light’s Dissolution
Horrified (UK) – The Perceiver
Ignominious – Burning Priest
Ignominious – Foul Feast
Asagraum – Transformation
Asagraum – Leviathan

Summon (U.S.) – Eve Of Anti-Creation
Summon (U.S.) -Beyond The Gates Of Storm
Oraculum (Chile) – Lex Talionis
Oraculum (Chile) – Semper Excelsius
Oculus (International) – A Visage Of Dark Remembrance
Oculus (International) – Axiom Of The Plague
Cities Of Mars – Doors Of Dark Matter Pt 1: Barriers
Cities Of Mars – Envoy Of Murder
Tony Mills – Scars
Tony Mills – When The Lights Go Down


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