Playlist: 2016-12-11 [Year: 19 – Week: 49]

 Edition for 2016-12-11 [Year: 19 – Week: 49]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Damage Limit – 1000 Times
Damage Limit – You Can’t Save Me
SOULS OF TIDE – She`s Dead
SOULS OF TIDE – Once Again
Avenger of Blood – Aggressive Psychotic Behavior
Avenger of Blood – Instruments of Chaos
DOOM’S DAY – Witch finders
DOOM’S DAY – Return to the sabbath
Words Of Farewell – My Share of Loneliness
Words Of Farewell – Gallows Frame
Badmotorfinger – Needle In My Vein
Badmotorfinger – No Second Chance (new version)
Dantalion – A River of Depravation
Nash B.C. – Burning Babylon
Nash B.C. – Sands Of Destiny
Mastiff – Born of Cremains
Mastiff – Heathen Colony
Easy Trigger – 2-LAND OF LIGHT
Easy Trigger – 8-TELL ME A STORY
WARPATH – Reborn
WARPATH – I Don’t Care
Wreak – Unstoppable Inner Will
LORRAINE CROSS – Sharpshooter
LORRAINE CROSS – Black Infantry
Abigail – Thundercunt
Abigail – Satan Power Unholy War
Lustrum – The Seven Witches of Hell
Lustrum – Temple of Lust
Hateworld – Another Holocaust
Hateworld – Cospirazione
THYRANE – Black Harmony
THYRANE- Sacrifires
Insect Death – Continuity, Comfort and Collapse
Insect Death – 13 More Years
AMBIVALENCE – Thursday Massacre
AMBIVALENCE – Hyena’s Breath
Alcoholic Rites – Alkoholic Metal Explosion
Alcoholic Rites – The Flight of the Black Owl
Herem – Scars To Summon
Herem – Drowning Steed
WRATH OF ECHOES – A fading bloodline

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