Palylist: Edition for 2018-01-07 [Year: 21- Session: 01]

Edition for 2018-01-07 [Year: 21- Session: 01]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)


Voice – Stronger Than Steel
Voice – Go Down In Flames
Night Legion – The Warrior
Night Legion – This Time
Wild Witch – Wild Witch – Night Rulers
Wild Witch – Wild Witch – To The Lions
Mecalimb – Goodbye To Sanity
Mecalimb – Headless Existence
The Small Hours – Crucify
Black Capricorn – Flower Of Revelation
Black Capricorn – Evil Horde Of Lucifer

Starblind – Pride And Glory
Starblind – The Shadow Out Of Time
*****Bastardos Do Brasil Nº 6 – Selvageria******
Inclui Entrevista Exclusiva
Selvageria – A Maldição
Selvageria – Ataque Selvagem
Selvageria – Legião Invencível
*****Bastardos Do Brasil Nº 6 – Selvageria [FIM]******
Bulletback – The Quest For New Horizons
Bulletback – Battlefield
Inquisitor – Holy Man’s Gallows Pole
Inquisitor – Hammering Rusty Nails
Infernal Blast – Wolf Hunting
Pestilence – Non Physical Existent
Pestilence – Multi Dimensional
Atrocity – Gates To Oblivion
Atrocity – Masters Of Darkness
Apologoethia – Pillar Ii (De Humanae Natura)
Apologoethia – Pillar Iii (De Absentiae Vitae)
Vaultwraith – Ravaged In The Crimson Mist
Vaultwraith – Dark Desires Unleash The Legions
Mascharat – Bauta
Mascharat – Simulacri
Desolate Shrine – The Primordial One
Desolate Shrine – Lord Of The Three Realms
Hive – Fucking Around With Guns

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