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Playlist: edition for 2019-03-03 [Year: 22 – Session: 09]

Edition for 2019-03-03 [Year: 22 – Session: 09]


First Hour (22:00) Second Hour (23:00) Third Hour (24:00)
Metal Inquisitor – Trial By Combat
Metal Inquisitor – Re-Sworn The Oath
Gloryful – The Oath
Gloryful – Brothers In Arms
Imperia – The Scarred Soul
Imperia – Flames Of Eternity-Fear Is An Illusion
Methedras – Sham Knockout
Methedras – A Deal With The Devil
Shadowmare – The Blackened Road
Shadowmare – Blend In Darkness
Ravager – Dysphoria
Ravager – Mindblender
-Scars – Creatures That Come Alive In The Dark
-Entrevista – Scars Parte I
-Scars – Silent Force
-Entrevista – Scars Parte Ii
-Scars – Armageddom
Nematomorphos – Lost Cause
Decay – For A Seizable Reality
Decay – To Survive The Time
Trauma – Asylum
Trauma – From Here To Hell
*****Cicatrizes Metálicas – Machado(03-03-2019)*****
-Metallica – One
-RAMP – The Last Child
-Sepultura – Inquisition Symphony
Blodhemn – Det Gjekk Ein Faen
Blodhemn – Ostfront
In Twilight’s Embrace – Dzis Wzywaja Mnie Podziemia
In Twilight’s Embrace – Krew
Cantique Lepreux – Le Feu Secret


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