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Playlist: edition for 2018-12-30 [Year: 21 – Session: 50]

Edition for 2018-12-30 [Year: 21 – Session: 50]

First Hour (22:00)Second Hour (23:00)Third Hour (24:00)
Sacral Rage – Eternal Solstice
Sacral Rage – Suspended Privileges
Blackdraft – Chapter 01 The Calling
Blackdraft – Chapter 02 The Struggle
Versover – Social Wars
Versover – Rain Bender
Stormzone – Dark Hedges
Stormzone – Lucifer’s Factory
Kalmen – Uninfinite Black
Kalmen – Thieving Sky
Paragon Impure – Sade Iv – Repentance Of A Dying Libertine
Paragon Impure – Sade Iii – Mors In Excelsis Deo
Equaleft – hymns of obedience
CICATRIZES METÁLICAS – Dezembro 2018-Miguel Ingles -Sessão 4
-Carcass – Corporeal Jigsaw Quandary
-Gorefest – Reality-When You Die
-Gojira – To Sirius
Equaleft – Invigorate
Lividity – Whore Destroyer
Lividity – Meat For The Beast
Wurm Flesh – Enshrined In Rot
Wurm Flesh – House Of Flesh
Abythic – Purulent Phantasm
Abythic – Beneath Ancient Portals (The Gate Of Ganzir)
The Order Of Apollyon – Rites Of The Immolator
The Order Of Apollyon – Grey Father
Valkyrja – Crowned Serpent
Valkyrja – Opposer Of Light
Arsis – Hell Sworn
Arsis – Easy Prey
Devathorn – Azazyel Iscariot
Devathorn – Omphalos
Inferno – The Solitary Immersion Into Autarchic Silence

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