Edition for 2018-10-14 [Year: 21 – Session: 39]

Edition for 2018-10-14[Year: 21 – Session: 39]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Traitors Gate – Deceiver
Traitors Gate – Mean Streets
Judas Priest – Lightning Strike
Judas Priest – Evil Never Dies
Toxikull – Hellmaster
Toxikull – Satan Bloody Satan
Cruz De Ferro – Entre A Espada E A Parede
Cruz De Ferro – Ritual Da Cruz
Chevalier – Wrath Of Steel
Chevalier – The Curse Of The Dead Star
Survival Instinct – For Murder
Survival Instinct – 13 Witches
Dejâ Mort – Suffer
Dejâ Mort – Angoissée Et Torturée
Creepin Flesh – Lashed To The Walls Of Hell
Creepin Flesh – Airborne
Destroyer Attack – Burying The Name Of The Messiah
Destroyer Attack – 4.- Purification To The Internal Fire
Cavemaster – Apenas A Morte
Cavemaster – Mares De Esquecimento
The Aftermath – Tropic Goat
The Aftermath – The Void
Torturer – Die In Pain
Torturer – Crypt Of Forgotten Souls
Nocturnal Hollow – Skinless
Nocturnal Hollow – Praise The Unbless
Dischord – Order Of The Assassins
Dischord – The Jackal
Obsolete Mankind – Manufactured Enthusiasm
Obsolete Mankind – The Halo Effect
Iskandr – Regnum
Solar Temple – Those Who Dwell In The Spiral Dark

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