Playlist: Edition for 2017-11-26 [Year: 20- Session: 45]

Edition for 2017-11-26 [Year: 20- Session: 45]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)


Vhäldemar – Metalizer
Vhäldemar – Old King’s Visions (Part V)
Bunker 66 – Satan’s Countess
Bunker 66 – Taken Under The Spell
Turbocharged – Apocalyptic
Turbocharged – Relieve Thyself Onto Me
Neck Deep In Filth – Diet Of Ignorance
Neck Deep In Filth – Praise The Tyrant
Scream Of The Soul – Oblivious Waters
Black Death – Night Of The Living Death
Black Death – The Hunger
Eastern High – Bottled Insanity
Eastern High – Eyes Of Heaven

Sistema – Querer Viver
Smash Skulls – Pay With Blood
*****INTERVIEW*****MIguel Ribeiro-Paws And Clasw-1
Sotz – Apocalyptic Machine
*****INTERVIEW*****MIguel Ribeiro-Paws And Clasw-2
Suddendeath – Danger
*****INTERVIEW*****MIguel Ribeiro-Paws And Clasw-3
Templários Do Rock – Oh Que Merda
Waterland – The Witch
Binary Creed – The Fallen King

Binary Creed – 05_The Ones To Bleed
Tubefreeks – Anathemy
Tubefreeks – Deracho
No Amnesty – Among The Blind
No Amnesty – Evil Priest
Stahlsarg – Das Fallbeil
Stahlsarg – Pharmaceutical Frontline
Necrofulgurate – I Chalice Of Bloodfire
Necrofulgurate – I Cadaver Void Evisceration
Begerith – A.D.A.M. I
Begerith – A.D.A.M. II
Caïnan Dawn – Fathomless
Caïnan Dawn – Thule

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