ECLIPSE METALICO RADIO SHOW – 2020-07-05 Parte 3 Session Nr. 24 – Year 23

Inlandsys – Massacre Of The Masses 

Inlandsys – Siege For Soul

Sodomisery – Sacrifice

Sodomisery – In The Void

Necrotic Gore Beast – Flesh Eating Ejaculation

Necrotic Gore Beast – Sterilized Infant Fleshdoll

Zebadiah Crowe – The Neon Goat Of Crimson Grief

Zebadiah Crowe – A Tincture Of Malice

Helfró – Avöxtur Af Rotnu Tré

Helfró – Afeitrun

Treurwilg – The Fragility Of Mankind

Treurwilg – Myosotis

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