Eclipse Metálico – 2024-01-28 Parte 3

———Third Part———

Horrendous – Neon Leviathan

Horrendous – Chrysopoeia (The Archaeology Of Dawn)

Wormhole – Elysiism

Wormhole – Almost Human

Sadism – Freewill Archangels

Sadism – On Your Knees

Macabre Demise – Grave(Y)Art Gallery

Macabre Demise – The Nerve

Foul Body Autopsy – Crucifix Dreams

Foul Body Autopsy – Left To Rot (Live)

Kryptoxik Mortality – Fetid Human Incubation

Kryptoxik Mortality – Ingesting The Wretched

The Crawling – Another Vulture

The Crawling – Bound To The Negative

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