Eclipse Metálico – 2023-06-25 Parte 3

Whore Of Bethlehem – Nails In Your Coffin

Whore Of Bethlehem – Ritual Of Homicide

Nothingness – Horrendous Incantation

Nothingness – Temple Of Broken Swords

Eskhaton (Australia) – Khaossuary

Eskhaton (Australia) – Vortexecution

Sepulcrum (Chile) – Legion’s Mandate

Sepulcrum (Chile) – Slitting Coagulated Mess

Bodyfarm – Symbolical Warfare

Bodyfarm – The Wicked Red

Maze Of Sothoth – The Revocation Dogma

Maze Of Sothoth – Blood Tribute

Maze Of Sothoth – Scorn Of Flesh

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