Eclipse Metálico – 2023-05-07 Parte 3

Omnicidal – The Passenger

Omnicidal – Cemetary Scream

Ulfud – Mockery Theatre

Ulfud – Faceless

Visceral Explosion – Rancid Purulent Neonatal Cerebral Cortex

Visceral Explosion – Asphyxiation By Malignant Neoplasm Of Oropharynx

Depraved Murder – The Anguish Of Dystopian

Depraved Murder -Unmanifest Void

Nemesism – Absolved In The Abyss

Nemesism – Constricting The Ambient Noise

Imperial Execration – Lords Of Tyrannical Perversion

Imperial Execration – Victory Of The Stygian Empire

Stabbing – Razor Wire Strangulation

Stabbing – Leishmaniasis

Total Invasion – 41dbe11ad46a8c8

Total Invasion – 8607d6cd8b557d6

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