Eclipse Metálico – 2023-04-02 Parte 2

All Against – I Won´T Obey Anymore

All Against – Blood For Blood

Testemunhas De Jeová – Filhos Da Corrupção

Testemunhas De Jeová – Galileu Galilei

Testemunhas De Jeová – Auto Da Fé

Testemunhas De Jeová – Viralata Aristocrata_

Atrate – The Inevitable Collapse Of Mortal Dreams

Atrate – Necrosophic Incantations Of The Inverted Cosmos

The Devouring Void – The Ghost In Every Room

The Devouring Void – Splinters Of His Psyche Strewn Throughout The Ruins

Derrame – Corroded

Derrame – Bloodcurse

Morto – Fucked Up Ideologies

Morto – Scorpion Zombies

Morto – World Apocalypse

Morto – Cyber Mutilation

Peste Negra – Abismo

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