Eclipse Metálico – 2023-02-19 Parte 3

———Third Part———

Adaestuo – Adaestuo – Act II

Adaestuo – Adaestuo – Act III

Aurora Borealis – God Hunter

Aurora Borealis – Ephemeral Rise

Extirpation (Italy) – The Endless Storm

Extirpation (Italy) – Ruins

Hadopelagyal – Blades Drawn From the Iron Marrow of the Sunken

Hadopelagyal – In Dragging Incandescence

Pale Spektre – XCIII Raising Cinder in Morne Bethel

Pale Spektre – XCVI Bereft of Xerotic Layers

Sirrush – A Son Set His Father Free

Sirrush – With Your Shield …Or On It

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