Eclipse Metálico – 2023-01-08 – Parte 3

Drakh – Night Maze

Drakh – Crossing Spirits

IRAE (Portugal) – 05 Majestade de Sangue

IRAE (Portugal) – 06 Símbolos do Império

Chavasckall – INVOCAÇÃO III

Chavasckall – INVOCAÇÃO V

Mallus Spiritus – The Dead Star Of Bethlehem

Mallus Spiritus – Spectral Voices From A Chasmic Void

Rotten Coffin – Barren Landscapes

Rotten Coffin – Looming Shades Of Mind

Thy Darkened Shade – Sacrosanct Pyre

Thy Darkened Shade – Into Eerie Catacombs

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