Eclipse Metálico – 2022-02-06 Parte 3

———Third Part———

Neuropsy – A Clockwork To Dementia

Neuropsy – Unsettled Seed Of Existence

Invoke – Hinos De Gloria

Invoke – Ruinas De Outrora

Nihility – Destroy The Shackles Of Prejudice

Nihility – Conflicting Vanities

Post Mortal Possession – Wolves Of The Dying Sun

Post Mortal Possession – Apparitions Of Black Elk

Cultist – Synesthesia

Cultist – Triumph

Corpsegrinder – Acid Vat (feat. Erik Rutan)

Perpetual Misery – Rotting Misery

Perpetual Misery – Impregnation Of Stegnant Decay

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