Eclipse Metálico – 2021-12-12 Parte 1

———First Part———

Cruz De Ferro – Leão Dos Mares

Cruz De Ferro – Concelho De Guerra

Death Dealer – Beaty And The Blood

Death Dealer – Running With The Wolves

Lord Fist – Arkona Cross Ii

Lord Fist – Flying Over Tiprinith

Stormhunter – Two Beers (Or Not Two Beers)

Stormhunter – Sharp Invaders

Bloody Hell – Bloody Hell – The Bloodening – 02 – Face In Hell

1bloody Hell – Bloody Hell – The Bloodening – 04 – In The Nigh…

Tarantula – The Flame Is Still Alive

Tarantula – Ray Of Light

Artillery – Force Of Indifference

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