Eclipse Metalico – 2021-06-06 Parte 3

———Third Part———

Prophecy of Death – Morte

PROPHECY OF DEATH – Welcome to the Darkside

In Beauty – Exhumed

In Beauty – She Walks In Beauty

Just Like Tears – Autumn

Just Like Tears – Fallen Leaves

Sanctimoniously – Infernal Masturbation

Sanctimoniously – Angel Dusk

Wrekage – Everybody ( Take It )

Wrekage – 7 Years Burning

Animalesco, O Método – Colheita Da Intempérie

Animalesco, O Método – Vastos Catálogos da Imensidão Vã

Cães de Guerra – Soltem os Cães de Guerra

Cães de Guerra – Vício Speed

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