Eclipse Metalico – 2021-02-07 Parte 2

———Second Part———

Torn Fabriks – Felt The Treason

Torn Fabriks – Idiocracy Layers

Nematomorphos – Malevolent Kin

Nematomorphos – Lost Cause

Warpath – Innocence Lost

Warpath – Reborn

Hell-Born – Uroboros

Hell-Born – The Butcher

Colossus – Iniquitous Macrocosm

Colossus – Spiteful Obliteration Of An Obsolete Reality

Heretic Ritual – Macabre Magic Adoration

Heretic Ritual – Rat Krusher Kommando

Phobophilic – Diminished To Unbeing

Phobophilic – Synaptic Vessel

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