Eclipse Metalico – 2021-01-03 Parte 3

———Third Part———

Cadaver – Circle Of Morbidity(Feat. Jeff Becerra)

Cadaver – Deathmachine

Sabrewulf – Grave Of Pestilence

Sabrewulf – Warbreeder

Descend To Acheron – The Transience Of Flesh

Descend To Acheron – Plague Of Superstition

A Pretext To Human Suffering – Rotting Sanctum

A Pretext To Human Suffering – Chain Of Command Opression

Scour – Nail

Scour -Doom

Order Of Orias – Raging Of Idols

Order Of Orias – Gleaning Night

Serpent Noir – Asmodeus: The Sword Of Golachab

Serpent Noir – Cutting The Umbilical Cord Of…

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