Eclipse Metalico – 2020-11-29 Parte 3

—–Third Part (24:00) —-

Cryptic Shift – (Petrified In The) Hypogean Gaol

Cryptic Shift – The Arctic Chasm

Evoker – Old Evil

Evoker – Shackled To The Grave

Transcendence – Majesty Of Chaos

Transcendence – As The Maggots Feast

Slit Your Gods – Dragged By The Cross

Slit Your Gods – Scapulars Of Human Decay

Black Sun Brotherhood – Black Sun Rising

Black Sun Brotherhood – Witches Sasbbath

Occult Burial – The Bastard Curse

Occult Burial – Skeletal Laughter

Occult Burial – Highway Through Borderland

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