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Playlist: edition for 2018-05-27 [Year: 21- Session: 20]

Edition for 2018-05-27 [Year: 21- Session: 20]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Divine Era – Burn This Alley
Divine Era – I Am You
Dead Season – The New Man
Dead Season – Blood Links Alienation
Vorbid – Zombie
Vorbid – To Mega Therion
Cherokee – Firewater
Cherokee – Blood Worth Its Weight In Gold
Kanseil – Ander De Le Mate
Kanseil – Pojat
Susperia – Heretic
Susperia – The Lyricist
Johansson & Speckmann – Heal The Strain
Johansson & Speckmann – Condemned
Borgne – Mis À Mort, Mis À Nu
Borgne – I Tear Apart My Blackened Wings Pt.2 / Sun
Sentient Horror – Bled Dry By The Night
Sentient Horror – Hatchet Crimes
Foul Body Autopsy – The Unquiet Dead
Foul Body Autopsy – Outbreak
Aynsophar – Feed The Machine
Aynsophar – Inhuman Conditions
Goath – Enragedandpossessed
Goath – Bornoffornication
Infrared – All In Favour
Infrared – The Demagogue
Como O Breu – Luz Que Fere
Como O Breu – Escuro Como O Breu
Ruach Raah – Rr Malha2
Ruach Raah – Rr Malha4
Mournkind – Sowing The Empire Of Lucifer
Mournkind – Malevolent Call From Another Sphere
Wykan – Lahppon Olmmos
Wykan – The Gathering
Infinitee – Lost

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