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Playlist: edition for 2018-06-10 [Year: 21- Session: 22]

Edition for 2018-06-10 [Year: 21- Session: 22]


First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Sanhedrin – Demoness
Sanhedrin – Faith Healers
Chevalier – The Awakening
Chevalier – Ride For Revenge
Nihili Locus – Deathly Silence Nebulae
Nihili Locus – Memoriam Tenere (Rigor Mortis)
Fall Of Carthage – Priceless
Fall Of Carthage – Superior
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium – Hóstia
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium – Autos De Fé
Bornbroken – The Years Of Harsh Truths And
Bornbroken – Torn
Decayed – Firestorm
Decayed – A Blood Moon
Corrosive – Taste The Pain
Corrosive – At The Devils Door
Above Aurora – Abyssal Hades
Above Aurora – Delusional Disorder
Valyria – Tome Of Shattered Vessels
Valyria – The Crossing
Within The Giant’s Reach – Same Blood
Within The Giant’s Reach – Rise
Dying Awkward Angel – Dolls
Dying Awkward Angel – Sancta Sanctorum
Varmia – Tawe
Varmia – Biesowisko
UR – We Are Mortal
UR – Shed My Skin
Killing Addiction – Omega Factor
Killing Addiction – Equating The Trinity
Cardiac Arrest (U.S.) – 03 Unforgiving… Unrelenting
Cardiac Arrest (U.S.) – 04 When The Teeth Sink In
Matalobos – In Flesh Engraved
Catapult The Dead – Last Breath

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