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Playlist: Edition for 2018-05-06 [Year: 21- Session: 17]

Edition for 2018-05-06 [Year: 21- Session: 17]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Spartan Warrior – Court Of Clowns
Spartan Warrior – Letting Go
St. Elmos Fire – Rise
St. Elmos Fire – Betrayer
Cult Of The Fox – Siege From The Sky
Cult Of The Fox – Killing The Black Dog
Cruz De Ferro – Glória Ao Rey 2016
Stagma – Pokerface
Stagma – Rocket Machine
Machinergy – Sangre
Machinergy – Matanza
Tument – The Threat
Tument – Feelings From Below
Bastardos Do Brasil – Nr. 10 – 06-05-2018-King Bird [START]
King Bird – Doomsday
King Bird – Interview
King Bird – Back in Time
Bastardos Do Brasil – Nr. 10 – 06-05-2018-King Bird [END]
Solstice – To Sol A Thane
Solstice – White Horse Hill
Necrodeath – The Crypt Of Nyarlathotep
Necrodeath – The Return Of The Undead
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium – Pó
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium – Hóstia
Varathron – Into The Absurd
Varathron – 04. Saturnian Sect
Antiquus Scriptum – Abi In Malam Pestem
Antiquus Scriptum – In The Kingdom Of Superstition
Strangle Wire – The Narcissist
Strangle Wire – Psycopathic Blue
Aborted Fetus – Eaten By Pigs In The Trough
Aborted Fetus – Rack Of Torment
Godwatt – E’ La Tua Ora
Godwatt – Siamo Noi Il Male

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