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Playlist: Edition for 2018-03-18 [Year: 21- Session: 11]

Edition for 2018-03-18 [Year: 21- Session: 11]

First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)


Hamka – Seaquest
Hamka – World War III
Toxikull – Surrender Or Die
Toxikull – Hellmaster
Pagandom – Behind The Words
Pagandom – Monochrome Vision
Saintorment – Defective Mind
Saintorment – We Are
Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire
Alkaloid – Cthulhu
Infraktor – Confront

Infraktor – Ferocious Intent
X-Method – B.A.F. (Brutal As Fuck)
X-Method – Denied What’s Ours
Shadow Realm – Satanic Twin
Shadow Realm – Dead Space
Beyond Visions – Time To Rise
Beyond Visions – Survival
Anguish – Requiscat In Pace
Anguish – Elysian Fields Of Fire
Asylum 8 – My Lamentation
Asylum 8 – At The Edge Of My Mind
Obscure Burial – Imago Mortis
Obscure Burial – Darkness Spawns
Midnight – Penetratal Ecstasy
Midnight – Here Comes Sweet Death
Dehydrated – Don´T Laugh You´Re Dying
Dehydrated – Last Sunset
Neocaesar – From Hell
Neocaesar – Victims Of Deception
Total Inferno – Super Antichrist
Total Inferno – Raptor
Luciferian Insectus – Deliver Me In The Name Ov Satan
Luciferian Insectus – The Crowned Deveiver
Rûr – III

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