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Playlist: Edition for 2018-11-04 [Year: 21 – Session: 42]

Edition for 2018-11-04 [Year: 21 – Session: 42]


First Hour (22:00)

Second Hour (23:00)

Third Hour (24:00)

Black Viper – Metal Blitzkrieg
Black Viper – Storming With Vengeance
Hammer King – The King Is A Deadly Machine
Hammer King – Battle Of Wars
Flageladör – Máxima Voltagem
Flageladör – Queimando Nas Chamas Do Heavy Metal

Cicatrizes Metálicas-Novembro 2018-Dico-Semana 1
-Iron Maiden – Aces High
-Yngwie Malmsteen – Far Beyond The Sun
-Metallica – Battery

Obscure – Zero Dawn
Obscure – Low Low Down

Bastardos Do Brasil #16 – Sevens Seals Of The Apocalypse
[2013] Seven Seals Of The Apocalypse – After The Darkness
[2018] Michel Oliveira – Listen To My Voice
[2018] Seven Seals Of The Apocalypse – Como Era Antes

Bloody Falls – We Rise Again
Bloody Falls – My Halo Of Flame
Kraanium – Blob Of Inhuman Metamorphic Transfusion
Kraanium – Bound To Kill
Satan My Master – Servant Of Hell

Satan My Master – Warbrothers Of Darkness
Dark Archive – Unohda Ei Ikinä
Dark Archive – Godfear Eradication
Abigail – Unholy Bestial Fire
Abigail – Nuclear Hammer
Deceased – To Serve The Insane
Deceased – Endless Well
Adverso – Adventus
Adverso – Consummatio
Black Mold – Blackmold Atavism 02 Worship Nothing
Black Mold – Blackmold Atavism 05 Void Intoxication
Sear Bliss – Forbidden Doors
Sear Bliss – Seven Springs

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